Display - Retail / March 2019


Project  WEARETHEPEOPLE by Aishti (WATP)
Architect Rabih Geha Architects
Contractor Aishti
Type Display/Retail
Location Seaside, Antelias, Lebanon
Area  130 sqm
Year March 2019
Photo credit Tony Elieh
Link www.aishti.com

Designed by contemporary architect RG/Architects and curated by fashion director Mouna Harati, WEARETHEPEOPLE Seaside is a place to discover an exclusive selection of Aishti’s design products and as the brand describes to ‘make big fashion statements and start bigger conversations’.

Situated on the entrance of one of Beirut’s trendiest malls, WATP is not any retail space. Stepping into this area promises a sensorial escape to a dream like yet bold atmosphere.
Inside it you will explore a playful mise-en-scene of the most exclusive selection of Aishti’s specialty pieces.

The space is fully dressed in candy stripped pink and black cylinders marked by the intersection of a conceptual grid imposed on the eye catching floor. WATP feels like an adult playground and strives to combine the experience of visiting an art gallery while shopping for high end pieces.

Display Units consists of HDF wood cylinder bases painted pink and black with CNC cut Solid wood edges table tops.

Stools are made of tubular wood cylinders painted pink and black with a green velvet upholstered cushion seat.

Columns and fitting room walls are dressed with a pink and black stripped vinyl covering, with the exception of one green velvet covered wall.