Nightclub / 2015


Project  Uberhaus
Architect  Rabih Geha Architects
Downtown, Beirut-Lebanon
 1500 sqm
Illustration Rabih Geha Architects
Link www.uberhaus.me

The Tale

There comes a time in life when we feel as if we are compelled to leave our childhood behind, when imagination takes second place to the tedium of everyday life.

Uberhaus takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, the whale of Pinocchio and the bewitching tales of our childhood to stoke the fires of imagination and bring back the playful nature we so willingly loose to adulthood.


In Detail

Uberhaus is an unexpected space of escape and exploration, a playground for clubbers to explore the fuel of music and the fire of light in childlike wonder.

The exterior is deceptively simple, with 50 containers stacked together to look like a shipping yard. 

But tucked away under the unassuming exterior is 1500 square meters of blurred boundaries exhaling bass and beam.

The Uberhaus tale begins on the steps of a walkway lightly buzzing with vibration, tantalizing visitors with the promise of the beats to come. 

Darkness intensifies as the walkway amounts to a tunnel, which then expands onto 15 gigantic steel ribs revealing the metallic skeleton of a whale.

The structure unfolds to create a maze of circulation and access space that lends itself to a wonderland of discovery.

The dance floor stands in the belly of the whale under the largest rib, 8 meters tall and 18 meters wide, pulsing with arresting sound and hypnotic light from the RGB LED light system.

Uberhaus is left deliberately raw and bare of decorative elements to make way for the musings of unguarded revelers.

The entire space can be taken apart, packed away inside the containers, and transported anywhere in the world, to the end of imagination.

Technical Specs

  • 50 containers, stacked like Legos, make up the circulation and access space of Uberhaus.
  • The whale structure is constructed using 15 ribs, with the largest standing 8 meters high above ground level and 18 meters wide.
  • The whale structure is completely modular, demountable and easily packed into the containers, allowing the Uberhaus experience to be transported anywhere.
  • The containers are all fully soundproofed to ensure the best sound experience.
  • RGB LED light system