Nightclub / 2015


Project  Uberhaus
Architect  Rabih Geha Architects
Downtown, Beirut-Lebanon
 1500 sqm
Illustration Rabih Geha Architects
Link www.uberhaus.me

Inspired by the stories of wonderlands and parallel universes from our childhood, Uberhaus is designed as a space of escape for music lovers, where imaginations can be re-ignited, with a sense of child-like discovery.

Uberhaus is designed as a narrative, with no superfluous materials, or decorative elements, to create a raw and exciting space left open to interpretation.

The experiential story begins as it slowly brings you through a walkway flanked by containers, buzzing with the vibrations from inside the club. Then as you walk down a dark tunnel, you are immersed in the anticipation of what lays ahead. Finally, you turn a corner and there it is; the whale’s rib cage that sucks you in – rib after rib, leading you to the climax of the story: the dance floor. The borders between artist and spectator become blurred, lights and sounds mesmerize the crowd and you like everyone else, become the hero of your own story.


Project Description

There’s a moment in time where we feel as if we need to leave our childhoods behind, where imagination comes second place to the practical details of our lives.
Uberhaus was designed to re-ignite the fires of our imaginations, to bring back the playful natures we so willingly lose to adulthood.

Inspired by childhood stories of escaping reality, like Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland, Uberhaus was built as a playground for music lovers; a space created for the celebration of music through the eyes and ears of childlike awe.

It’s where the barriers between artist and spectator become blurred, leaving only an open page, where anything can be written.

Using 50 containers, all stacked like Lego around the venue – the structure unfolds to create a maze of circulation and access space that lends itself to a wonderland of discovery. With no superfluous materials, or decorative elements, a raw and exciting place is created, left open to interpretation.

Each part of the structure is completely modular – demountable to enable the entire experience to be taken apart and packed away in containers, to transport the Uberhaus world to any location on earth.

The journey starts as you enter a walkway, flanked by the containers lightly buzzing from what you can only assume are the eternal beats from the inside of the club. Then, just when you think you’re in, you’re presented with a tunnel. Vision obstructed, your senses on overdrive…your mind bounces off the walls with anticipation of what lays ahead.

Then, you turn the final corner and there it is: the whale’s rib cage that sucks you in – into a world of hypnotic sound and light. Enveloped by the magic of RGB LED lights, you’re flooded with the soul-stopping audio and visual stimulus from the moment you set foot in the belly of the beast. As you make your way through the 15-rib structure, you finally find yourself in the center of the whale, where the middle rib measures 8 meters high and 18 meters wide. This is where it all comes to the climax, presenting you with the ever-beating heart of Uberhaus: the dance floor.

Finally, like a third act in a fairytale, you’re now completely submerged into the story, surrounded by the characters, all creating your unique narrative, night after night.

Technical Specs

  • 50 containers, stacked like Legos, make up the circulation and access space of Uberhaus.
  • The entire Whale structure is built of 15 ribs, with the largest measuring at 8m high and 18m wide.
  • The Whale structure is completely modular and demountable, easily being packed into the containers, allowing the Uberhaus experience to be transported anywhere.
  • The containers are all fully soundproofed to ensure the best sound experience.
  • RGB LED light system