Images d’Orient

Flagship / March 2019

Images d’Orient

Project  Images d’Orient
Client  Eusamex
Architect Rabih Geha Architects
Type Retail
Location Ashrafieh, Beirut- Lebanon
Area 70 sqm
Year March 2019
Photo credit Tony Elieh
Visuals credit Rabih Geha Architects

In line with RG/Architects’ mission of  ‘creating spaces for people to inhabit, work, play and experience,’ the practice is crafting a home for the oriental vagabond brand to dock.

After traveling the world to over 50 countries, Images D’Orient – a concept dreamt up by brother/sister duo Charbel Raphael and Peggy Raphael Dabbar in celebration of past civilizations – will be housing their products and conceiving new ones in a space signed RG/A.

Extracting from the Mediterranean architecture and the brand’s aesthetic components, the space echoes Images d’Orient’s embrace of diversity and its alliance of modern and ancient through a composite of cultural footprints.

Hosted in Ashrafieh, one of Beirut’s oldest quarters, the space has a dual use: display and creation. It opens on a façade of successive arched windows that puncture the boutique revealing the continuity of arched doorways and display on the inside.

Through the internal arched openings, one can glimpse the narrow passage behind while the display gallery acts as a backdrop curtain to the shop. Images d’Orient products and unique pieces are showcased, offering a “piece of Lebanon for anyone and everyone to hold.”

The space embraces a lost in translation approach, where explicit traditional references evolve into contemporary form; this is felt through the use of modular lights with aluminum glossy reflectors, display in brushed stainless steel and brass details, and white undulating and perforated steel mesh.

Hues reminiscent of Mediterranean archetypes dominate the space; grey Aggloceppo terrazzo flooring, bright white walls, blue arched openings and a vibrant red ceiling. The space will also serve as the creative launching pad for products to come, delivering the richness of the Mediterranean heritage heralded by Images d’Orient.