House of Today / 2016


Project  ‘Haminals’ for House of Today’s 3rd edition
Architect  Rabih Geha Architects
Type  Product Design
Use  Multifunctional
Material  Colored resin
Location  Le Yacht Club, Beirut, Lebanon
Year  December 2016
Photo  Mike Malajalian
Link www.houseoftoday.com

In order to create, we need to break free from traditions and etiquettes that confine our inspiration and limit our imagination. One of the first tools created by mankind to break, hunt, kill, etc. is a hammer.

This particular hammer is a light one, needed to break mental barriers and invisible boundaries.

It is a hammer forged from our childhood memories, dreams and moments of escape; one that is light, translucent, vibrant, molded in colored resin reflecting our animated dreams and thoughts.

Inspired by our childhood companions, this series of six hammers take shape after those animals we spoke to, slept next to and read about. They are sculpted multifunctional objects, instigating a personal interpretation and use for each individual.

We call them ‘haminals’.