February 30

Beach Restaurant & Bar / UAE, 2021

February 30

Project February 30 Dubai 
Client Seven Management
Architect Rabih Geha Architects
Contractor Blueprints Emirates Interiors 
Location Palm West Beach, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Area 2,745 m2 
Photo Credit Seven Management
Visuals Credit Rabih Geha Architects

February 30 is a beach restaurant, bar and lounge where time is a construct and space is fluid. Here, every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year intertwine to unlock infinite experiences.

Two contrasting elements – the whim of the brand and the serenity of the setting – converge to create February 30 Dubai. With its name representing a non-existent date, February 30 inspires chaos where time, thoughts, and space are distorted. Meanwhile, the setting on Palm West Beach embodies tranquility and offers a serene getaway with stunning views over the Arabian Sea.

The fusion of these two seemingly opposing elements inspired the creative vision behind February 30 Dubai, resulting in a warped yet relaxed ambiance that triggers the sense of exploration while allowing guests to relax and unwind. 

We designed February 30 Dubai to break into three plots; The deck area that surrounds a tiled indoor area and connects it to a sandy outdoor area with breathtaking views on the Arabian gulf, the Dubai Eye and the Dubai skyline.

Walls and floors huddle together in one endless scheme of custom-made terrazzo and multicolored stones in the indoor area.

The bar, replicated on the deck, is framed by a series of arcades with contrasting materials, natural bamboo sticks and ribbed solid green painted wood panels.

Lighting pendants and sea-inspired elements fall from the grid wood ceiling hugging the space.

Made of straw and wood panel matching the deck area, the bar is topped off with a shark fin, red-lit and visible from all angles. 

Focal to the February 30 Dubai experience is the circular bar of the outdoor area. 

With the natural elements of the sky, sea, sand, and palm trees coexisting in harmony, February 30 on Palm West Beach is the ultimate destination to escape from reality and embrace the extraordinary.