The Shape of Things to Come / November 2020 . Downtown Design Dubai


The Shape of Things to Come
Downtown Design Dubai

Nightclub Design post COVID-19

Post Covid-19, we can still club. We will just find a way to do it differently.

Clubbing is a multi-sensory experience that involves tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. Touching and closeness, defining features of crowds, are usually at the heart of the clubbing experience.

With the break of Covid-19, we found ourselves deprived of our sense of touch. There is now a pressing need to redefine the concept of “crowd”. Our natural behavior remains the same, but has simultaneously changed a lot. We still do gatherings, but in smaller groups; we still greet, but minimize physical contact. We need to explore alternative ways of clubbing and discovering our senses when faced with the depravation of touch.

The concept revolves around reshaping our nightlife by creating a new experience in a way that preserves our need to go out in the midst of a new set of living conditions.

Clubbing is a multi sensory experience; when we lose one of our faculties, our brain enhances the remaining senses to compensate.

The idea is to create a concentric layout focused on 3 main factors: space, people and entertainment.

Crowds can party together, all the while keeping their distance.

This is where limitation in physical freedom is balanced by the expanded sensory experience, leaving room for a new definition of normalcy, this is ‘Evolve’.