Nightclub / December 2017


Project  2WEEKS
Client  Addmind Group
Architect Rabih Geha Architects
Contractor Add Engineering & Contracting
Type Nightclub
Location Biel, Beirut, Lebanon
Area 440/850/1200 sqm
Year December 2017
Illustration Credit  Rabih Geha Architects
Photo Credit  Tony Elieh
Link www.add-mind.com

Spread over one level, the indoor club overlooks Beirut’s sea port and is based on the concept of containment without caging -viewing another world from the inside. Geha’s vision started with a shell within a shell , and working closely with the cutting-edge Addmind Group team, the practice of designers and architects came up with a concept offering club-goers an immersive experience through the use of material and visual communication.

A webbed black steel shell envelopes the majority of the club where the main bar, DJ booth and seating areas lie within. The outside of the shell remains part of the destination, with a chilled bar area for onlookers to socialise, while also keeping an eye on the happenings through the mesh, encouraging interaction and visual communication between the inside and out.

While the exterior of the shell remains raw with damaged walls and the shell’s steel casing, the interior becomes luxurious and glamorous with velvet, marble and brass furnishings creating a contrast to the industrial venue.

Linear light elements have been inserted throughout the rectangular composition and this repetition forms a vibrant and pulsating atmosphere, again encouraging playful interaction. The zig-zag brushed brass DJ booth has been faceted to reflect light and the chandeliers inside create a softer more sophisticated mood. Visitors move into the shell surrounded by light, without constraints and without limits.

Conceptual visual of the Shell.

Welcome to 2WEEKS.

Passageway to the restrooms.

Looking through the Shell.

Entrance to the Shell.

Conceptual visual of lounge area.

Custom designed Bar by RG/Architects, executed by Add Engineering and Contracting.

Custom designed chandeliers by RG/Architects, executed by Ardeco Contract.

Custom designed low tables by RG/Architects, executed by Add Engineering and Contracting.

Custom designed stools and lounges by RG/Architects, executed by Add Engineering and Contracting.